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Insect Skateboards

Insect Skateboards

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Insect Skateboards was founded in Seattle in 2002 by Steve Hopper, fulfilling a lifetime love of skateboarding and a desire to build and ride the finest longboards available. Steve's father taught him carpentry as child, kicking off a love of woodworking and fine craftsmanship. Materials have evolved over time, but the quality of the work and absolute attention to detail remain the same. We believe this shows in the beauty, grace and performance of Insect's boards.

As for the work itself... the shapes, the camber, and the flex of our boards have all been meticulously designed, tested extensively, and proven to create exceptional racing, carving, and cruising skateboards.

We now offer 9 models which cover a wide variety of skating styles. From classic sidewalk surfing to aggressive carving longboards to slalom racing to high-speed downhill. We're always working on new ideas to push the envelope and bring you the best performance skateboarding has to offer.

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